Sonic Generations

Sonic Generations

Sonic celebrates his 20th birthday in style


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Really fast!
  • Combines best of 2D and 3D Sonic


  • Sometimes feels unfair

Very good

Sonic Generations brings Sega's iconic hedgehog to your PC, in a platform game that shows the best of his 2D and 3D gameplay from the last two decades.

From the very beginning, speed was what defined Sonic against Nintendo's Mario, and Sonic Generations has a ton of that. Whether in 2 or 3D, Sonic Generations is really fast - but to get the best experience, you have to learn the levels. Inexperienced players will find the adrenalin rush interrupted by enemies and obstacles - learning through failure is how Sonic Generations works. If you find repeating levels irritating, Sonic is simply not for you!

Sonic Generations looks fantastic throughout. the presentation is great, and the animation and environments have never been better. This is one of the best Sonic games for many years, and avoids most of the pitfalls of some of his worst games! Fans will love it, and there is hardly a better introduction to the high speed platform thrills of a Sonic game.

Try out the free demo from Steam, which gives you a 'classic' 2D level and and excellent over the top 3D level to play through. Both need practice to perfect, so it's well worth downloading.

Sonic Generations


Sonic Generations

User reviews about Sonic Generations

  • by Anonymous

    B.G.E (Best Game Ever).
    No need to download other sonic games.THIS IS RADICAL!!!!!!!!..   More

  • by Anonymous

    well, this game, i just have to say: AMAZING. great graphics, good storyline! plus classic sonic ca...   More