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Softonic review

Team up and fight evil in this platform game

Sonic Generations is a free platform game. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, a new video game has been released wherein Sonic and his faithful companion Tails join forces with their present-day counterparts.

In Sonic Generations, a mysterious new force appears in Sonic's world, causing time holes that transport Sonic and his buddies to the past. While there, Sonic meets a younger version of himself and other familiar faces from his past. They have to work together to stop the villains, save their pals, and find out who is responsible for all these evil acts.

In this Sonic Generations adventure game, you can choose between playing Classic Sonic or Modern Sonic. Like the original Sonic the Hedgehog games from the 1990s, Classic Sonic is a 2D side-scrolling platformer where you'll be controlling Sonic and must perform the Spin Dash and Spin Attack to progress through the game. For Modern Sonic's gameplay, it is based on those of Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors.

Every location and most of the game's bosses have made appearances in previous games in the series, and there are references in the franchise throughout. Rings are used by both Sonics as a source of health, and they also collect other powerups such as elemental shields, invincibility, speed shoes, skateboards, and Wisps. Alternatively, you can go to the game's Skill Shop and Sonic's Customization Center to modify the mascot's skills.

The game’s mechanics and gameplay are very easy to understand, especially if you’ve played the previous installments in the franchise. However, there is one small downside to the game and that’s the white screen that sometimes pops up randomly for a few seconds. It isn’t much of a nuisance, but it is still one thing to keep an eye out for.

Despite having one small flaw which is the occasional flash of a white screen in-game, overall, Sonic Generations is a great game that hits you with tons of childhood nostalgia and great gameplay. It is very easy to understand and it is highly recommended for all Sonic the Hedgehog fans out there who want to relive both classic and modern Sonic.


  • Easy-to-understand mechanics
  • You can play two Sonics
  • Great gameplay


  • Short flash of white screen

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